Okay, so True Detective is definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.


The next track is by The Libertines, it’s called “Time for Heroes”.

All of my musical influences came from three people until I was about 14. It was my dad who introduced me to Bowie and T-Rex, my dresser on Potter, Will, who introduced me to punk and then actually my driver on Potter, who drove me for the ten years as well on most films, was a guy called Peter was a guy who introduced me to the 60’s, basically.

So, until I was 14, I was just kind of listening to all of that, and I hadn’t ever really discovered new music that was from my generation. I remember thinking, ‘who is the British band I can really get behind’ and suddenly I heard Up the Bracket, which is The Libertines’ first album.

And it was just like, they were the Sex Pistols of my generation, I think in some ways. They are a much more lyrical band, they’re a much more romantic band than the Sex Pistols, but they do have the same kind of chaotic, anarchic energy. That’s what I love about The Libertines, in all their albums there is a romance about England combined with a realism about it - about how cynical it is, about how negative it can be. But despite all of that, we still love it and are still incredibly proud to be English, despite all the things that are not right in our country. And I suppose it’s a call for arms, it’s a call for heroes. And it does make me blush every time I wear a cap around a lot, like a baseball cap. There is a line in the song where he says “There’s fewer more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap,” So I always, every time I hear that line I go “Damn you, Pete for writing that and making me feel shame.”